With a breeze from Avdolyan: how the oligarch “rolled” the budget by almost 400 million

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The company, which previously belonged to Dmitry Novikov, accused of complicity in embezzlement of more than 850 million rubles, but since 2021 has passed to Avdolyan , owes almost 380 million rubles to the budget of Fokino (Primorye). How debts arose and what relation the company has to offshore schemes, the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Primorsky Territory understood.

In the arbitration of Primorye today, four lawsuits are being heard from the Municipal Property Department of the ZATO city district, the city of Fokino, totaling more than 378 million rubles. These are debts and penalties for renting land plots, which were transferred for use back in 2014. The third person in the dispute is the Ministry of Land Management of Primorye.

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The plots, apparently, were intended for some large-scale project that did not take off. The area of ​ ​ one of the plots involved in the case is 6257341 square meters, it belongs to agricultural land. Meanwhile, neighboring allotments are designed to accommodate other objects of sea and inland water transport. Probably, these sections were planned to be used for some kind of port project. The name of the tenant company, Port LLC, hints at this.

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Some of the disputes have been going on since 2023 and so far the tenant has not deigned to pay the debt to the local budget, preferring the judicial route.

Until 2019, the Port company belonged to the ex-founder of Rosengineering JSC Dmitry Novikov, and then moved to ZPIF (probably associated with him), from which Avdolyan’s companies bought it.

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Novikov is accused of complicity in the embezzlement of more than 850 million rubles allocated for the overhaul and modernization of the Ladoga water conduit.

And here is what an interesting fact: Novikov was also a co-owner of PV-Development LLC (from May 2017 to November 2, 2022). In the same period, the owner was Rostec’s subsidiary, RT-GR LLC, which later became Avdolyan’s partner in this project. Novikov sold his stake to AP Logistics LLC. It is AP Logistics LLC that today is also a co-owner with a 99.9% stake in Port LLC, which is being held by the defendant in rental cases. Another small share of Avdolyan’s other company is AP Project LLC.

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It’s interesting: recently, these Avdolanov companies have stopped disclosing the owner. Apparently, the next hide and seek from sanctions.

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Both Avdolyan’s companies are headed by AP Logistics and AP Project, a rather remarkable person – Stanislav Vrublevsky. He also previously appeared as the director of Sibanthracite Holding LLC, A-Property LLC and the Cypriot company RACAST INVESTMENTS LIMITED, which was a defendant in the history of the withdrawal of money to a Latvian bank.

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Vrublevsky signed the documents on behalf of Racast Investments Limited and was the head of the representative office of the Cypriot company Victory Trading Corpse Limited in Moscow. Avdolyan was officially recognized as the beneficiary of the latter.

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It is worth noting that in the Far East Avdolyan and his squires, involved in offshore schemes, have also managed to inherit nobly.

Earlier, The Moscow Post unveiled a tax scheme involving offshore companies and oligarch companies, which covered up investing in a project to create a coal terminal on Cape Vesely in the Amur region with an attempt to avoid paying taxes. The project itself was removed under cloth, and moreover, during the inspections it turned out that work on it as such was not carried out.

At the same time, $20 million was driven through the offshore chain through the loan scheme, which in fact was “bleached” in this way and legalized for further use abroad. The loan itself was allocated by Reeco Capital LP from the Cayman Islands. UFNS then proved Reeco’s connection with a whole group of other offshore companies and Russian Avdolyan firms, including A-Property Invest LLC (Peter Invest). The latter for today is designed for Peter Avdolyan, presumably a relative of the oligarch.

In the same story, A-Property LLC also appeared, whose director was just the same Vrublevsky. Now the company is headed by Irina Belyanova, who also flashed in scandals related to offshore companies.

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It will not be superfluous to note that Vrublevsky was also the director of the Round IT company, where Avdolyan and the Cypriot company SECONCA HOLDINGS LIMITED were also noted among the owners. At the same time, the offshore company is still operating with Cypriot firms, whose connection with Avdolyan The Moscow Post previously proved that it is related to CYMANCO SERVICES LIMITED. Perhaps SECONCA is associated with the same big lover of Cypriot companies?

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Avdolyan himself is cautious and does not directly shine his last name offshore. All these chains became public after his unceremonious attempts to get into the bankruptcy case of MRSEN, whose shareholder is his relative Eldar Osmanov. The last person involved in the criminal case on the organization of a criminal community today was suspected of withdrawing billions of rubles abroad stolen from electricity producers and grid companies from the Rosseti division.

The Ottomans and Avdolyans became related through the marriage of children, but they later divorced. Meanwhile, today a certain Elvira Avdolian (Elvira AVDOLIAN) owns a company in London. And perhaps he lives there, having prepared an alternate airfield for his father?

Who helped Avdolyan build the empire?

As we have already said more than once, the oligarch, whose family is distinguished by a great desire to spell his surname from Avdolian to Avdalyan and Avdolyan, repeatedly flashed in scandals. Especially they sheared his large purchases, which made him a business tycoon.

Thus, he received the Elginskoye coal deposit when the ex-owner, a company from the Mechel division, began to have problems, and the Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company overpowered Avdolyan after the arrest of Ziyavudin Magomedov.

But, perhaps, the most vile background was in the transition of rights to Sibanthracite, Dmitry Bosov, who died under very strange circumstances.

The story, which began with Bosov’s dismissal of his partner Alexander Isaev, whom he suspected of working for a competitor – Avdolyan, turned into a war of succession after Bosov’s death.

The widow, Katerina Bosov (recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism)), received streams of mud, more similar to well-planned persecution.

In addition, the widow announced a raider attack on the company with the participation of Isaev, but he denied such claims of himself. But only after these statements, it was his new friend Avdolyan who received Bosov’s Sibanthracite and other assets of the deceased. The Moscow Post has already talked about this in detail, reporting on Avdolyan’s plan to sell one of these assets – the port of Vera.

The oligarch’s invulnerability, despite all the scandals, in our opinion, is quite understandable. Behind Avdolyan’s back, the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, always flashed, who, together with his wife Ekaterina Ignatova, Isaev and his wife Avdolyan, Elena Avdolian, are on the board of trustees of the Avdolyan New House Foundation.

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In addition, “Chemezov’s people” or as they can still be called immigrants from Rostec, for example, Rodion Treasure are included as co-owners and top managers in the oligarch’s division.

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In the same piggy bank and the participation of the state corporation itself in Avdolyan’s projects. So in Yota Devices in 2013-2017, Rostec owned a block package, and in 2018 the oligarch bought the Hydrometallurgical Plant, which supplied the products of the state corporation. Also in YATEK earlier, the supporting bank of the state corporation Novikombank had 21%, and Rostec also appeared as the owner of shares in Bosov’s former assets, which he then transferred to the same Avdolyan. The degree of trust is amazing.

Offshore companies, debts to the budget, strange tax schemes and withdrawal of funds outside the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism). Maybe the Russian competent authorities will pay attention to the situation? Interpol, according to a source from The Moscow Post, for example, has already become interested in withdrawing money to the Latvian bank JSC Citadele Banka.

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