An estate in a gated golf club near London for £10 million, a villa on the coast in Spain for €20 million for the family of Mkrtich Okroyan

But don’t rush to worry that military secrets have been leaked to enemies. This is the personal offshore of Okroyan himself.

Another 13% of the Union belongs to Okroyan ’s wife, another 15% belongs to his daughter. The remaining shares also indirectly belong to this one family. […]

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In addition, the Okroyans are the owners of the Balashikha Foundry-Mechanical Plant, BLMZ, an old Soviet enterprise that specializes in the manufacture of parts for aviation.

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They produce wheels for one of Russia (*aggressor country)’s main combat helicopters, the Ka-52 Alligator, and fuselage parts for the Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter. […]

Welcome to Surrey – a very prosperous suburb of London in the west. It’s very close to Windsor Palace, where the royal family lives – twenty minutes by car.

This picturesque lake is called Virginia Water. People walk here all the time; it is part of a huge park. Movies are filmed here, many scenes from Harry Potter, for example.

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This is one of the most expensive places in the UK. First place outside London where the average house price exceeded a million pounds. Here live the British elite and their amazing neighbors.

Lived here Elton Johnquite modestly, and lived much less modestly Boris Berezovsky. Here he was found hanging from a scarf. They have acquired luxurious estates here Peter Aven, German Khandaughter of the first president of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova. And even Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet lived and hid here until he was extradited back to Chile. […]

To find the Okroyan family estate we will need to get inside an elite private golf club. Membership here costs 21 million rubles a year, and then every year you have to pay additional fees. This club has three huge 18-hole golf courses, a huge landscaped space, infrastructure, a spa, a restaurant, and real estates built right in the middle of these fields.

You can’t call these houses. These are whole properties: there are old ones, from the 19th century, and there are new buildings with stylizations. The price tags are impressive. Only club members are allowed into the territory; the fences here are high, you can’t see anything. Well, except for the monograms with the letter O on the gates.

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So let’s look at the Okroyan house from the air the old fashioned way.

The house we needed was hidden behind trees and bushes.

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Here it is, Dorchester House. A beautiful three-story building with two wings. In front of him is a small round fountain. Directly in front of us is the main house, and to the right is an extension – a gym and a swimming pool.

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On the other side we see the main entrance with a portico of four columns, in front of it there is a large platform, cars are parked, everything looks extremely lived-in. There is another garden house in the far corner of the site.

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Please note that the houses are fenced not only with trees, but also with a tall mesh. This is apparently to prevent golfers from accidentally breaking the window.

Judging by the prices of neighboring plots, such a mansion could now cost 10 million pounds, or 1.2 billion rubles.

We have floor plan Okroyan’s property, it’s even signed – Mr. Okroyan. On the ground floor there is a formal hall, three living rooms, a dining room, and some kind of family room. The annex has a swimming pool, saunas and a maid’s area with a separate entrance. Apparently, so as not to get in the way; there is also a small bedroom and its own kitchen.

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On the floor above there are six huge bedrooms with their own bathrooms. The largest bedroom is apparently the master’s: there is an area for relaxing before bed, the bedroom itself, a wardrobe and a twenty-five-meter bathroom with a jacuzzi area. On the right there is another seventh bedroom – this is a separate floor, higher. It also comes with a small office.

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From 2020 the house recorded by Anna Okroyan, when she became the owner of this estate, she was only 26 years old.

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But before that, the house was also owned by the family, and at least in 2011, documents were drawn up in Okroyan’s name.

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In addition, Okroyan’s wife also has a small house in Kentin a town by the sea called Whitstable.

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It was purchased back in 2006.

In general, the Okroyan family has a long and strong connection with Great Britain. Both of Mkrtich’s children, son and daughter, are citizens of the United Kingdom.

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During this time, they probably adopted many English traditions and hobbies; they probably play at the golf club near their house and drink tea at five o’clock.

Anna Okroyan
Anna Okroyan

Well, they choose the traditional holiday for the British – in Spain. We’ll just go there now and check if our rocket scientist has anything lying around there.

We are in the south of Spain, near the resort town of Marbella on the Mediterranean coast. This Costa del Sol, which translates as Sunny Beach.

More than three hundred sunny days a year and temperatures below 20 degrees even in winter make this place a real magnet for all lovers of life by the sea. But even by local standards, we are now in a very luxurious place.

The bustle of the city is left behind, there is silence all around, everything is arranged, there’s even a very nice coastal park there. And you won’t believe the house of our today’s hero, designer Okroyan, is right here.

The site literally goes straight into the sea. This is not even the first line, but the zero line, we have never seen anything like this.

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Pay attention to this important and dear detail to our hearts – a giant concrete fence hung with cameras. This is not accepted here at all and this makes the house stand out from the rest. Honestly, it was as if I was somewhere on Rublyovka again, memories came flooding back.

But as before, this fence will not become a hindrance for us. […] Let’s take off. We are in an area called Torre Ladrones. Translated into Russian – “Tower of Thieves”. It was not named after the Okroyans, but after a nearby watchtower of the same name.

In front of us lies the Okroyanov site, its area is 5,600 square meters. Behind a huge concrete fence you can see a well-groomed lawn, palm trees, a water-filled swimming pool, a tennis court and the villa itself. It is two-story, its area is about 2,300 square meters.

The house has its own gym with a spa complex, eight bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms, an office, and even some mysterious tea rooms.

Behind the house we see snow-white statues installed in a circle, another swimming pool with an adjacent gazebo and a 400-meter servant’s house with a garage.

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House Okroyan issued to their family Spanish company – Anna Global World SL.

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Estimating the value of a home is difficult. Nothing similar in size and location is on sale nearby, everything is much more modest. But, nevertheless, we can estimate it at no less than 20 million euros or 2 billion rubles.

Let’s add something else in light of the fact that Russians were recently banned from entering Europe in cars with Russian license plates, and from driving them there (under threat of confiscation, such sanctions).

But the Okroyans, who spend money earned in the military industry, will not be affected by these sanctions. The Okroyans also signed up a car, a Tesla X, worth about eight million rubles, to the same company Anna Global World, which owns the Spanish house.

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But that’s not the most interesting thing. The director of this company has two more Tesla Model 3s registered to him:

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One Tesla Model X:

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Audi S6 and Ferrari

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Everything is registered to the director, but for some reason Mkrtich Okroyan’s son Andranik Okroyan is driving the Ferrari:

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Let’s check if the number matches:

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Our first small investigation about Okroyan was published 8 months ago. […]

In one of interview with the magazine “Wings of the Motherland” Mkrtich Okroyan says the following phrase:

“Communication with foreign companies was already dangerous for the country’s defense capability and therefore simply impossible”

Wonderful! Your children (who are registered in defense companies) are citizens of NATO countries. The whole family lives in England and Spain. The shares are registered in Cypriot offshore companies. Isn’t this dangerous? […]

Come back and live with Putin (*international criminal). Moreover, there is somewhere. As many of you know, now in Russia (*aggressor country) all data about real estate owners is classified, it seems impossible to find out what the Okroyans have in Russia (*aggressor country). But here, too, chance helped.

Gigantic, absolutely absurd seven-story Okroyan Palace we found… in Vesti’s report! Two and a half hectares of land, a huge pond, the house itself, which looks more like an office center of the Luzhkov era – 6,700 square meters, just think about it.

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Rossiya-1 journalists kindly launched a drone for us and we can see all this madness, including this strange building.

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This is a kind of utility building with an area of ​​8,600 square meters; The size is such that one can assume that this is perhaps a rocket storage facility.

The main house was registered in the name of Andranik’s son for a long time, but in March last year Alla Baban, the designer’s wife, became the owner.

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At the end we will tell a story that will probably be more interesting to Muscovites, but it is actually also very important and sad. We mentioned the Soyuz plant a lot, but did not show where it is or what it looks like, and this, by the way, is a complex of ancient pre-revolutionary buildings right on the embankment in Luzhniki. A real architectural heritage, the pride of any city.

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The union has been here since 1943, and before, until 1915, the chemical plant Friedrich Bayer & Co. operated in these buildings; now you know this company as the largest manufacturer of medicines – Bayer. So, together with the Soyuz plant, the Okroyans turned out to be the owners of all the buildings and all the land on which the aircraft engine scientific complex was located. And this value is worse than military government contracts.

Just look at what happened just recently.

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All historical buildings were demolished. They leveled the site to zero, buried our architectural heritage, as if nothing had been here for a century and a half.

Well, now, according to the sign that hangs on the fence near the construction site – firmat least half owned by the Okroyans, is building … luxury housing here.

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12 club houses designed by British architects, developers promise: a sense of privacy and a view of the water not only in houses on the first line of the water, but also in the shady garden of a private park. Three rubles at the excavation stage here can be purchased for only 81 million […]

@vchkogpu, 10.15.2023 17:00: In the published investigation about the owner of the Soyuz aircraft engine scientific and technical complex, Mkrtich Okroyan, there is one small inaccuracy. It was not to strengthen defense capability and scientific technical progress that an enterprising Komsomol worker from Armenia appropriated the enterprises of the defense complex to himself and his family. Appropriated with the help of the then mayor of the capital Luzhkova and his partner in the division of Moscow property Vladimir Evtushenkov. The latter started with Yuri Mikhailovich in the Moscow City Executive Committee and headed the department, and then the committee on science and technology of the mayor’s office. After the collapse of the USSR, they managed Moscow enterprises for a certain bribe. Okroyan, in conjunction with Yevtushenkov, completely disposed of the ZiL plant, which now simply does not exist, and in its place are now residential complexes and business centers. All Moscow factories for the production of machine tools, bearings and other things were rolled into asphalt, and the 300th plant (the current Soyuz AMNTK), of course, did not go unnoticed by them. Now there is a huge pit where high-rise buildings with offices and apartments will soon rise into the sky, right in Luzhniki on the embankment.

This is why Moscow industrial enterprises with their infrastructure and energy capacities were grabbed for next to nothing, and not to improve engineering solutions in the field of aircraft and rocket science. Russia (*aggressor country) was never able to launch the production of the aircraft engines required for the X 55-101-555. But they organized a scheme for the purchase and delivery of these engines from other countries, a very profitable scheme from the point of view of enrichment at the expense of state defense procurement funds, into which the enterprises now owned by Yevtushenkov and Okroyan were built. Vladimir Yevtushenkov somehow acquired the Dubna Machine-Building Plant, where MiGs and cruise missiles were once soldered, and Okroyan began to manage the 300 experimental plant, where aircraft engines for MiGs and Tues were developed and produced. In general, without investing anything, but only taking their considerable percentage, engines were purchased and resold at exorbitant prices to the Russian Ministry of Defense. — Insert